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Herb Growing & Marketing Network
Web Hosting for Herb Businesses

Internet Hosting is the place your web pages reside on the Internet. We specialize in sites that deal with herbs, alternative health and gardening but we also work on a variety of other businesses.  We're different than most hosts....we really try to work with you in making your site successful by helping you optimize your site, suggesting marketing techniques, helping you learn Microsoft's Expression (free) and WordPress if you want to work on your site yourself and you're not already using specific web design software and being a therapist when you're ready to throw up your hands with the whole thing :-)  We don't claim to be the cheapest, and frankly, don't want to be.  This isn't bargain basement hosting....it's more of a caretaker job for us.    Web design services are available as well.  If we're hosting you and occasional updates and corrections take less than 15 minutes, there's no charge.  And I can be a real nag if necessary to get you to keep your website current.  We want you to have sales with your site.  With design work we now, unfortunately, have to ask you to sign a contract, and prepay 1/2 of the anticipated design fee before we start.  Total price of design is based on several things but primarily on how much material the client is able to send us including artwork.  If we have to search for it, we have to charge.   We offer hosting with a shopping cart for $25 per month and with no cart for $20.  We also offer you two months free hosting each time you refer a new hosting client to us that signs up for our services.  We offer a significant number of features including 


We've been thinking and thinking about how to deal with the growing costs  of being a small green business with the continuing increases in energy costs as well as a need for reasonably priced hosting.  And I think we've come up with it .  We're now going to offer a new class of membership in the Network.....a membership with web hosting built in.  We'll try  it and see if it works without me losing my mind. (always a  possibility).  This offer is for any business that fits in with the  network: herbal, natural products, packaging, gardening supplies, alternative  medicine, etc.  It does not apply to carpenters, online pharmacies, or  non-related companies.   Regular hosting rates apply for them...$25 a  month for hosting with a cart.   We're not trying to be a "mill"  like godaddy....we really want our members/clients to succeed and that means  more support and hand holding.

The membership category is $300 a year.  For that you get all the benefits of membership (like  the Herbal Green Pages, listings on both websites, participation in the  listserve, help with information, and emotional support) which is normally $95 a  year.  You also get website hosting with a full feature shopping cart  (normally $480 a year alone if you paid monthly).  




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