Hold My Hand Hosting
(though we've been doing this for
over 10 years, we're just getting
started on this site.)

We've been hosting herbal sites since 1997 and have recently expanded to include other sites. 

We're a boutique hosting provider with great prices and as much service as you require.  If you've done this for a while, feel free to get in and do your thing.  However, if you want a patient person to help you out, we're happy to oblige.

We're marketers.  We know what converts lookers to buyers.  We'll help you bring out the best in your site, and often it's little things like color and content.  If you feel clueless, we're good at explaining.  If we can't do what you need, we'll tell you.  And we have some great designers that can help.

If you want to be in control of your site and not held hostage by your webmaster, we'll teach you what you should know.  We offer an awesome shopping cart as part of our hosting.  And we'll teach you how to utilize it.  Questions?  Ask away.  Email



Hold My Hand Hosting
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